CAN-AM LEASING, is a reputable lease-brokerage company with over 35 years of lease financing experience that will work hard for you. We provide superior service, and innovative financing options for your business.

Our strengths include:

Multiple Funding Sources - This gives CAN-AM leverage in dealing with all types of customer credit ("A"credit, "B"credit, & the tough credits). We don't give up on the tough deals! We roll up our sleeves & work harder to get the customer approved!

Competitive Lease Rates - Our competitive lease rates and multiple funding sources ensures that the customer gets the best rate based on their credit history.

Fast Credit - Our underwriters' credit scoring systems enable us to process applications quickly, and efficiently.

Fast Documentation - We email, fax, courier or personally deliver lease documents for customer signature. We ensure the quickest turnaround time for the customer and vendor.

Fast Payment - We work hard to ensure quick vendor payment, once we are in receipt of executed lease documents, and confirmation that the customer has possession of the equipment.

Field Support - We provide strong support to vendors, and customers on a personal level.

Flexible Lease Structures - "Skip" payments, "step" payments, "deferred" payments, and "residual" lease structures are available to meet the customer's specific needs, based on credit approval.

Phone: (250) 765-6301 (Toll-Free: 1-888-432-4099) Fax: (250) 765-9168
Email: sales@canamleasing.com

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