The Leasing Process

The CAN-AM LEASING process is simple, fast, and easy. To start the process, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Submit a Credit Application
    (i) Click here to download and print the application form (pdf)  
    (ii) Fax the completed, signed application to CAN-AM LEASING.

    Kelowna Fax #: (250) 765-9168

  2. Credit Response
    Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you with either an approval or a request for additional information. When we receive your approval it will be conveyed to the customer and/or vendor.

  3. Lease Documentation
    If the application is approved, CAN-AM LEASING will:

    (i) provide a written lease approval to the customer, and vendor where applicable;
    (ii) request a faxed invoice (prepared per invoicing instructions provided) from the vendor;
    (iii) prepare a lease document and either fax, email, or courier to the customer and/or vendor where applicable, for signing.

    Signed documents will be faxed back to CAN-AM LEASING (which will start the vendor payment process), and the original documents with original signatures and initial payment cheque will be express mailed or couriered to CAN-AM LEASING.

  4. Funds Transfer
    CAN-AM LEASING's underwriter will verbally confirm receipt of the equipment with the customer, and release payment to the vendor by cheque or "electronic funds transfer" upon receipt of the original signed documents.

..... That's How Simple, Fast, and Easy It Is!!

Phone: (250) 765-6301 (Toll-Free: 1-888-432-4099) Fax: (250) 765-9168

General Leasing Information

Program Features

  • We arrange leases on most equipment types costing $1,500 and up.

  • Lease terms are available from 24 to 66 months (compatible with Rev. Cda's guidelines).

  • Funder credit scoring systems provide quick turn-around times.

  • Used equipment may be leased (must be identified as same on credit application).

Credit Requirements For "Corporations"
What we look for:

  • Minimum of 3 years in operation, otherwise principal co-lessee may be required.

  • If ownership has changed it may be considered a new business for credit purposes.

  • Good trade payable history.

Proprietorships (& Companies In Operation Less Than Three Years)
For these businesses we require:

  • Corporate Application with "Principal's Information" completed.

  • Principal's signature.

For Leases Over $50,000.00
For leases of this size, we may require externally prepared financial statements consisting of:

  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Notice to Reader and Notes to the Financial Statements.

  • Interim Statements (internally prepared), if Year-End is more than 6 months old.

Phone: (250) 765-6301 (Toll-Free: 1-888-432-4099) Fax: (250) 765-9168

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