Vendor Lease Benefits

Leasing is a valuable addition to your sales program. When your customers can access the benefits of leasing your sales can increase dramatically. We help equipment companies of all types provide leasing arrangements to meet their customer's specific needs.

Increase your sales and your income!

The following benefits of leasing have been realised by many companies over many years.

Increased Order Size - The average order size of leased equipment is generally larger than that of purchased equipment as the customer can leverage his available budget to acquire the equipment he really needs.

Repeat Business - Leased equipment is upgraded almost twice as often as purchased equipment. Leasing allows your customers to grow and not be restricted in their equipment acquisitions.

Increased Customer Base - Leasing is easy, convenient, and enables more of your customers to acquire your equipment/solution.

Shorter Selling Cycle - It's easier for customers to work with an attractive monthly payment, rather than a large capital amount. As a result, it can take less time to close a sale, giving more time for additional prospect coverage.

Protection From Competition - You can close sales more quickly using a lease, while better serving the needs of your customer.

Field Support - You have the added advantage of an experienced CAN-AM LEASING lease professional to help your valuable customer through the lease/buy process. Teamwork gets the job done!

Minimize Accounts Receivable - Leasing Transactions are usually funded within a few days of equipment delivery, thereby improving your cash flow and minimizing your accounts receivable management.

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