Why Lease?

There are many reasons to consider leasing. Generally, consider leasing whenever you need equipment that will depreciate in value!

Eight Good Reasons to Lease

  1. 100% Financing - Save your working capital! Down payments are not usually required.

  2. Establish A New Source Of Credit - Additional sources of credit usually give businesses more flexibility and future growth opportunities.

  3. Protect Important Bank Lines Of Credit - Save valuable bank lines of credit to facilitate growth, and manage daily expenses.

  4. Pay As You Go - Use the equipment to generate income & make a profit. Pay for the equipment as you use it.

  5. Tax Deductible - Lease payments may be a 100% tax deductible expense (check with your accountant).

  6. Pay PST & GST Monthly - These taxes are paid on the monthly lease payment, not as an upfront expenditure.

  7. Flexibility - Choose lease terms and payment options to suit the cash flow of your business.

  8. Simplified Accounting - Lease payments, as a direct expense, may simplify budget and accounting calculations.

For more information on the leasing process see our Leasing process page. For your free lease quote, either download our Lease Application Form and fax it in to us, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

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